St Kitts 2nd citizenship

St Kitts citizenship, like in Dominica can be obtained by birth, naturalization, adoption and descent. St. Kitts citizenship offers as many advantages as that of Dominica and is worth considering when thinking about getting a passport from another country as a second passport.St Kitts 2nd Citizenship

Saint Christopher citizenship
gives access to the Caribbean and other regions and countries with which St. Kitts has economic and political relations. As belonging to a member state of the Caribbean Community and the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States, St. Kitts citizens enjoy easy, visa free travel, tax benefits and common rights as agreed by these organisations.

One of the ways in which St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship can be obtained by naturalization is the St. Kitts Citizenship-by-Investment Program. This program for St. Kitts citizenship offers two investment options to applicants.

First, an investment amounting to US $400,000 can be made to the St. Kitts government as a contribution towards any one of the island’s real estate developments. The real estate developments are stated and the list of developments that are named under the St. Kitts citizenship program are the ones that qualify in this St. Kitts citizenship option.

St. Kitts citizenship application fees carry the following values: US $50,000 for the main applier and each dependent over the age of 18 years (excluding a spouse) A spouse and other dependents under the age of 18 years pay US $25,000 each. Children covered under this St. Kitts citizenship option must still be dependents. Children above the age of majority and are not dependent are treated as adults.

St. Kitts Nevis citizenship, like the program in Dominica, has a due diligence procedure that is requisite for all applicants of citizenship in St. Kitts. Processing fees for due diligence are fixed at US7,500 for the main applicant and US4,000 for each dependent 16 years and olde. Real estate invested in under this St. Kitts citizenship program can only be sold over to a new buyer 5 years after. This investment is made before St. Kitts citizenship is granted and does not mean that citizenship will be obtained.

The second option for St. Kitts citizenship under this program involves a onetime investment into SIDF, the Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation. This alternative is structured differently in that it comes with a single applicant and a family option. Families of up to six are catered for and the breakdown is clear:

  1. single applicant – US $250,000

  2. family of four comprising a husband, wife and 2 children – US $300,000

  3. family of five comprising a husband, wife and 3 children – US $350,000

  4. family of six comprising a husband, wife and 4 children – US $450,000

The contributions under the SIDF no longer include diligence fees which are priced separately.

Some of the documents to be submitted along with application forms for St. Kitts citizenship via the real estate or sugar fund option include the following:

  • Application form completed and signed for each member of family

  • Copy of passport of each member of the family/single applicant

  • 8 passport size photos for each member of the family/single applicant

  • A police record for each member of the family/single applicant Police records must be valid.

  • A birth certificate for every family member/single applicant

More information can be obtained on the requirements for St. Kitts citizenship through the investment program from a licensed agent. Agents provide reliable and safe one stop services for St. Kitts citizenship.

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