Dominica 2nd Citizenship

Dominica citizenship can be obtained in different ways, according to a country’s laws on citizenship, which allow for Dominica citizenship by adoption, birth, ancestry and naturalisation.Dominica 2nd Citizenship

Dominica citizenship by investment based on any of these is generally acquired at most common law in the very same way, whereby a child who is born in Dominica or adopted by Dominica parents, or someone who was born overseas but is of Dominican parentage qualifies for citizenship in Dominica.

Today, Dominica citizenship is of greater value in the sense that the island has established stronger economic and diplomatic relations with more countries globally and is a player in the formation of regional organisations such as CARICOM, OAS, OECS, ALBA and ACP.

In terms of regional integration within the Caribbean, Dominica citizenship is able to facilitate the entry of individuals into other countries for employment, health care and education, as well as of businesses that wish to maximize sales and increase their regional market share. Dominica citizens thus have increased chances of receiving preferential tax treatment, accessing social and health services abroad and very importantly, easier travel and dependable diplomatic representation overseas.

Besides Dominica citizenship being obtained in the aforementioned ways, the economic citizenship program has served as another channel to citizenship. Introduced in the 80’s, Dominica citizenship program was been revamped to ensure that all necessary international and domestic regulatory measures are implemented and enforced.

This means having all necessary due diligence frameworks in place for Dominica citizenship applicants, cooperating with international agencies, setting up local financial intelligence units and establishing a sound structure for providing Dominica citizenship professionally through licensed and regulated local agents.

Dominica citizenship must not be confused with that of citizenship in Dominican Republic, since these are two distinct countries. The Dominica of our interest is formally known as the Commonwealth of Dominica and is an English speaking island in the West Indies, whereas the Dominican Republic is Spanish speaking and is situated in the northern Caribbean. Dominica citizenship is thus that of an English speaking country which is a Commonwealth country and a former colony of Britain.

To provide some background information on Dominica citizenship program, it must first be stated that there is no residency requirement and Dominica citizenship is obtained through naturalization. This program for Dominica citizenship began as an investment venture, whereby foreign nationals were encouraged to make an investment of a specific amount and in exchange be granted citizenship of Dominica.

Potential Dominica citizens through the program must first express their interest through a licensed agent, and undergo due diligence which is administered through an international agency. All relevant information is given to the client.

An application for Dominica citizenship under the program is only accepted and processed upon completion of the due diligence and provided that the client has had successful due diligence results. Due diligence for Dominica citizenship may have a duration of 4 to 6 weeks, and this time frame is determined on how complex the client’s background may be, in terms of the number of places and countries of residence, size of family and the ability of the country of current or past residence to expeditiously provide information.

Dominica citizenship obtained both from the Dominica citizenship program or other means is beneficial as a second citizenship given the number of countries to which visa free travel can be obtained, the privileges and rights that can be enjoyed, and where best to settle during retirement or now in peace and tranquility.

Second Citizenship