2nd Passports

Second PassportA second passport can benefit individuals and families in many ways. It is no one’s fault where he or she was born and raised. And even if your country of birth is one of the most prosperous and safest places on earth, a second passport is worthwhile when exploring alternative countries for education, health care, investment opportunities and employment.

Personal and family safety is a critical issue that determines whether a person might be interested in a second passport. It is often thought that safety is lacking or absent in war stricken countries, but in the world we live in, insecurity shows its face in multiple forms. A second passport has been seen as a means of ensuring that one has an option of safeguarding himself or his family by being the citizen of another country.

In the face of war, political, racial or political discrimination and natural disaster, millions of people have nowhere to turn to as they do not own a second passport. Their only option is to stay home and deal with the situation or flee as refugees elsewhere. Fortunately for those with a second citizenship, holding a second passport can resolve and help to avoid this distress, while ensuring personal and family safety.

Easier Travel

Second passports are so liberating at times, especially when visa restrictions are placed on a person’s country of residence. In such a circumstance, it is difficult not to think about being a citizen of another country on which visa requirements are not placed. These situations make it difficult for the thought of a second passport not to come to mind, because so much time and money could have been saved.

Because of the international repute and success of certain countries, holding a second passport of that country could result in easier travel, better chances of obtaining residency elsewhere and all in all, easier and freer movement.

Better Life

Whether this view is accepted, a second passport is a means to a better life. The examples are endless, as flux of migrants settle in countries that offer more life opportunities. A second passport for a country where life is more peaceful, employment and health care services are widely available, and education opportunities are easy to access, a second passport can be considered a key to success.

With a second passport, business options increase and the chances of financial prosperity by gaining more access to alternative regional markets, more advanced technology, technical skill and friendlier investment policies. Where business is concerned, second passports help open up new doors to banking in that country, benefiting from better interest rates and a larger pool of financing options for investments.


The latter view on a second passport leads to the tax issue, which is of great concern to everyone, as tax regimes have the potential of suffocating or promoting the profitability of a business. Holding a second passport of a country that does not impose tax on international income, that has suitable anti-double tax agreements and close trading relations with other countries can be ideal for expanding business. Taxation levels also affect disposable income, the ability to survive on a day to day basis, to meet monthly obligations and pursue self-development and prosperity. Nothing is wrong with seeking a better life through a second passport. This is what freedom of choice means, and if ensuring that your family does not go through the hardship or challenges that you faced requires applying for a second passport, then do so.

Second Citizenship